BTSL Automotive India Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

BTSL, a leader in noise, vibration and harshness applications and products made a humble yet formidable beginning in 2008 with a vision to cater the ever increasing demand of the markets in India. Existence: for over 7 years Expertise & Experience: Manufacturing of PU (Flexible & Molded) foam and conversion of EPDM, Nitrile, PSP, XLPE, XPE, EVA, EPE, PU, Non-Woven Felt with adhesion or without adhesion in roll, sheet & cut form. We have over 100 years of combined industry experience. Company Values: Superior Quality (Below 50 PPM), Innovation (Product & Process), Customer Satisfaction and highest integrity and ethical practices with client dealings for best results. Headquarters: Pune - We have 2 production units spread over 41,000 square feet of land at Koregaon Bhima, with optimized machinery set up. We adhere to lean practices and efficient production technology. Management: The management has adapted ideologies of stringent quality checks and sustainable development. It is supported up by a strong team to maximize production. Brands Owned: Office Essentia, Travel Essentia & Home Essentia

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Company Size 51-200 employees

Specialization Manufacturing & Assembly

Headquarters Pune India


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