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With a rich, diversified business profile and a diversity of population who compile the experience of years at work, GB Auto occupies a remarkable position in the market and is a leading player in the Egyptian economy.

The culture of the company is like a school of professional life that encompasses generations of employees. This provides you with both a promising future career and a great challenge just steps ahead.

In our company, people are the most valuable asset, and every person’s job is important, not only to their own success, but also to the success of every other person in GB Auto. That’s why constant communication, networking and teamwork represent corner stones of our daily life and moment-to-moment activities. Moreover, the company cares for your personal development and provides you with various opportunities to improve your skills and capabilities.

Needless to say, customers are in the heart of all our practices; we put them at the top of our priorities. You must be authentic, sincere and creative as we provide their needs, and to always be ready to go the extra mile to guarantee their satisfaction. This applies to both internal customers (your colleagues) to ensure a comfortable, motivating work environment and external customers to ensure a sustained bright company image in the market.

Company Details

Company Size 5001-10,000 employees

Specialization After Sales, Parts & Accessories, Sales, Service, Technicians

Headquarters Egypt


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