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About Us

Al Dobowi is a globally renowned systems and solutions provider for tyre management, power storage, industrial rubber, material handling and fluid management industries.

Established in 1976, the Group has a significant presence in over 10 countries and employs over 2000 people that function as a unified corporate entity, focused on excelling in the business of manufacturing and distribution.

At Al Dobowi, we accept nothing short of excellence. Utilizing a combination of state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, research and development facilities, and strategic alliances, we control significant capacity in supply and distribution. This commitment to the market ensures that Al Dobowi remains responsive to regional and global demand trends.

We contract manufacture our own tyres in some of the largest tyre plants in Asia, using our own equipment and R&D. We are the largest battery manufacturer in the MENA region and provides both automotive and industrial solutions that power the world’s diversified economic activities.

Under the leadership of the Chairman, Surender Singh Kandhari, four core values have been at the very centre of the success of Al Dobowi: excellence in innovation, guaranteed quality, commitment to partnerships and a keen business insight.

Our vision has been achieved over time through the collaborative effort of thousands of people that make up the Al Dobowi family. Together, we share a rich history, but are even more committed to the future by continually expanding our core businesses and evolving to the needs of valued customers.

Company Details

Company Size 1001-5000 employees

Specialization Sales, Tyres & Batteries

Headquarters Dubai United Arab Emirates


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