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Throughout the past years, the Egyptian market has been led by Cairo National Automotive (CNA) that is keen to always stand out from other competitors and to precede these accomplishments. The company has set its long term procedures through which it is able to meet its primary goal of providing its diverse customers with ultimate satisfaction through meeting their preferences as it provides them with a diversified variety of automotive models.

CNA has started its operation across the Egyptian boarders since
2001 and was also able to increase Mercedes-Benz models released in the Egyptian market to reach 14 models set available for its customers which have fortunately led to the tremendous increase in its overall sales. This shows that the strategic management of the company is following its targeted path of being always on the top of the Egyptian market.

Concerning the various spare parts and accessories products, CNA is following a competitive pricing strategy which has increased the sales within the past years.

CNA was also keen to organize training sessions as well as workshops for all of its employees to introduce them to the latest repair services followed by the Daimler AG.

The company is trying to make the latest technological equipment available to be able to provide its customers with the best and latest services 24/7.
Even though CNA is considered among the latest companies prevailing in the Egyptian market as it exists for more than 10 years. It has started its operation with a limited number of sales executives who were responsible for sales and retail for Mercedes-Benz in Egypt, but CNA was able to increase its work force and hire more sales executives to be competent in assisting all of its customers
CNA is currently still looking for more to be implemented that would cater for servicing the customers and resuming the path of accomplishments which have been started by Mercedes-Benz in the international market.

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