SAMACO Automotive

SAMACO Automotive is the exclusive dealer of Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche cars in Saudi Arabia. We provide a full range of services incorporating sales of new and pre-owned cars and commercial vehicles, leasing and full after-sales support with a dedicated service and parts team, taking care of all your motoring needs.

We go the extra mile, no compromises. At SAMACO Automotive, you will find a welcome leap in customer attention, a determination not to overlook every possibility of matching our services with the technological and engineering excellence of our splendid range of German cars. We are selective about the manufacturers we represent and have only brands that make a statement, trouble-free cars that last longer and cost less for maintenance.

Our new and renovated showrooms and workshops in Jeddah, Riyadh and Al-Khobar reflect our commitment to continuous refinement. Highly skilled technicians man our state-of-the-art workshops. We have earmarked installation of telemetry facilities at our service centers for on-camera consultancy with our German principals.

Our after-sales service is prompt and marked by easy availability of spares, precise diagnosis and the most acceptable cost. And our friendly, courteous and specialist staff undergo periodic training with manufacturer support to provide forthright service.

Ever since SAMACO’s foundation in the Kingdom, it has been a pioneer of automotive distribution, a leading after-sales provider and strategic partner for Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche. SAMACO has effectively provided a comprehensive range of services that elevate the quality of its high-end brands.

Through our journey, we have made noticeable success and accomplishments on all levels, especially in customer service and care.

Succeeding in achieving customer satisfaction would not have been possible without fostering our employees who we consider our internal customers. Obtaining employee gratification was achieved through creating an optimum working environment and implementing various training programs, which reflected in employees’ performance, and thus devoting their efforts to the company’s customers and meeting their needs and requirements.

Our ongoing dedication to customer service is directed at providing the best experience of owning a car. We have achieved an unprecedented growth in the last five years, attributing it first to the trust of our customers, and their satisfaction in regards to our service and care.

At SAMACO we are up-to-date on the vast developments in the automotive world, and we are working hard to be reachable to our customers all over the Kingdom through expanding our branch network of showrooms, maintenance centers, spare parts sales, and provide the highest level of technical expertise.

Examples on this include:

An Audi exclusive maintenance center project, in Khurais road, Riyadh in April, 2015.

In the end, I guarantee that we will continue to deliver the highest levels of service in all company showrooms and centers, and always strive to achieve your satisfaction. I wish you safe and happy driving, may Allah bless you all.

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