How to Effectively Search Jobs Through Job Portals and Market Yourself!

When a job vacancy is posted on a job board, tons of candidates apply for it. Some of them would be less qualified than you are, and others would be just as qualified or even more qualified than you are. This reality will make the competition even harder and that’s exactly why it’s essential to sell yourself in the right manner. ‘Selling yourself to a company’ refers to letting them know why you’re valuable to their business as compared to other candidates, which basically means ‘Marketing Yourself’. This is also one of the reasons why you never hear back from the companies that you apply to irrespective of which job portal you use. Since job portals are one of the many good ways to market yourself to potential companies, given below are a few tips on how you could effectively sell yourself though job portals.  

Tip 1: Be, Think & Act like a Marketer

Get past all the shyness and nervousness. It's time to promote yourself so that you can have a successful career in a top company. Just like how a marketer has strategic plans to promote his or her business or brand, you need to develop your own strategy in order to get more exposed to hiring managers and recruiters. Choose the job portal that you see as the best option for yourself, and not just because someone told you that it’s the best in the market – Basically look out for what’s best for you! There are plenty of job portals on the Internet and you should choose one based on its relevance to your profession and the type of industry that you’re in.  

Tip 2: Identify your potential

Imagine yourself as a product and keep in mind your usefulness to your customer. Why were you a star in your workplace? What makes you different than the others? Recall the tasks you performed well and consider all the compliments you received. Make a resume mentioning your skills, strengths, and accomplishments. Question yourself on why you chose this career? What was your best interest behind choosing this line? Why do you think this career is your goal? Put all your thoughts into words by writing down what excites you the most about your career path and work responsibilities – This will definitely help you focus more and optimize on writing your resume and cover letter, thereby uploading your complete profile summary on the job portal. 

Tip 3: Jot down your skills in bullet points

When you write your resume or upload your profile summary on the job portal, don’t forget to mention your skills in bullet points since 90% of the recruiters first look at your skill set and then proceed further – Keywords are very important when it comes to resume writing or online profile building because they form the crux of the job application process. Also, when you write your cover letter, make sure you elaborate on your skills and what you intend on bringing to the table.

For example, instead of saying “I have very good communication skills”, you could say “In my last role as a Digital Sales Manager, I played a crucial role in addressing the communication gap between the marketing team and the sales team. It helped the marketing department to precisely know what the sales team required. The marketing department then began to distribute a monthly newsletter highlighting new assets and sales deals. By instituting these practices, the sales increased tenfold.”

Tip 4: Establish your brand

Now think of yourself as a brand. What would you do to establish your brand? If you’re thinking of writing a brand positioning statement, then you’re correct! Write a two-sentence summary of your career goals and strengths on your resume as well as in the profile summary on the job portal. If you’re a Digital Marketer by profession who is looking for a new job, your brand positioning statement could be “A young passionate optimist, who wants to explore all possibilities through the fascinating roots of the digital world.” If you’re a Content Writer, then maybe you could say “An experienced content writer looking to transition into a full-time writing role - Through writing thought provoking and convincing communication, I help my clients drive sales.”

Tip 5: Appearance isn't a simple thing

Your talent is more important than your appearance, but your appearance does play an important role in your job search. Think like a marketer again - For example, most of the fast-food chains spend half of their profits on advertising with yummy food pictures and videos. Why? Because appearance would be the first thing that people look over even before tasting the food! Your photograph on your resume or on the job portal plays a vital role in your assessment as a job-seeker, so you should make sure you have a good professional photograph on your resume and upload the same on the job portal that you’re using.

Tip 6: Look for the perfect habitat

Once you have understood and followed all the above-mentioned steps - i.e. your brand, your appearance, and your strengths and talents, you’re ready for the next level of exposure. This does not mean that you go to any random job portals and apply to any random jobs that are available. As mentioned in Tip 1, you need to market yourself on a job portal that is relevant to your profession and industry and use your time wisely to strategize and select your target. For example, if you’re an Automotive & Transport professional, then you should choose a job portal that is dedicated to the Automotive & Transport industry and create a targeted list of companies where you would like to apply for jobs.

Tip 7: Add that Extra Degree

If you find that you need some extra outside help, you should invest in yourself and find a well-qualified career coach. It will cost you some money, but at the end of the day, your career is for a very long time and a wise investment now may just pay off big time in the long run. So thinking from a long-term point of view, you should add that extra degree to your life soon and make the process of your job search more effective thereby marketing yourself in the best possible manner.