Exercise & Stay Healthy At Work!

If you’re at your desk right now and are reading this article, then please stop right away! OK, well don’t stop reading, but you might want to stand up in order to finish reading it. Unfortunately, not every workplace has the capacity to afford walking or standing desks for their employees, which is why it’s always good to look for ways to exercise at work. The word exercise comes from the Latin word exercere, which means to keep busy.

What a typical person does at work is sit in a desk chair for more than 8 to 9 hours in addition to sitting during their commute to and from work, followed by an evening spent as a couch potato in front of the idiot box. This is a recipe for physical as well as mental hazards! Have you ever wondered why you head back home with shoulder aches and pain in the back and legs after being seated at work for the entire day? I guess you have the answer already – Sitting all day increases your risk for obesity, back and leg pain, poor posture, tense muscles, and emotional damage. Despite not being physically taxing, it could surely be physically damaging. And here’s something you could do about it!

In most places around the globe, where people work around 40 hours or more per week, staying in shape needs to be the topmost priority. Exercising is the best way to combat the adverse effects of the 9 to 5 work routine. As the old saying goes, a healthy body is a guest-chamber for the soul and a sick body is a prison. The only way you could keep your mind and body healthy is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and working out daily. And for your workplace’s benefit, taking some time out for a little exercise and stretching will enhance your concentration and make you even more productive. Below are some basic exercises that will help you improve your blood circulation, correct your posture, and keep your weight under control while you’re at work.

Back Triceps Extension: Grab the thickest book that you can find and hold it behind your head. Bring the book down to your neck and then extend your arms upwards right above your head. Keep repeating this motion and you’ll find out that it’s a great exercise for your triceps.

Shrugs: Are you spending a great amount of time hunching over your computer? If yes, then try this out – In this exercise, you need to raise your shoulders up towards your ears and hold them there for a few seconds, and then release them down to their original position. Repeat this a few times for good pressure around your trapezoids and you could also include Shoulder Blade Squeezes, which would help you correct your posture.

Leg Raises: It’s very important to train your core and legs because they form the base of your body. Chair Leg Raises can really help you strengthen your lower abdomen and leg muscles. When you’re seated on your office chair, raise both legs from the floor and keep them straight by flexing at the hips. Once they’re parallel to the floor, keep them there for a while (maybe 10 seconds) and then bring them back to the floor. Repeat this a few times until you feel good about yourself.

Desk Push-ups: Please do this at your own discretion depending on how strong your desk is. Place both your hands on your desk and walk back to an angle of 45 degrees. Do the drill of pressing down your arms followed by backing up. Strengthen your arms by doing a few desk push-ups on a regular basis.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you could also do neck rotations, look around more, go to your colleagues’ desks and talk to them instead of emailing them all the time, and look around more.

No matter what time of the year, it’s never too late to promise yourself to exercise and live a healthy life. Just because you’re at work all day long doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise and achieve that work-health balance. And last but not least, always choose to be positive! Your mood at work can affect your life condition and your surrounding space. Taking control of your mental attitude and making it nothing but optimistic can help you cope better under stressful situations at work. Being positive will always keep you super-motivated and right on track!