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Welcome to AUTOLiNK.careers - the world’s first community for the Automotive Industry.

We are here to change the way the industry connects, by creating meaningful conversations. AUTOLiNK.careers connects Automotive Professionals with Automotive Careers, News, Industry Leaders, Companies and much more through a dedicated 100% Automotive Community. Created by industry insiders, AUTOLiNK.careers job board lists job positions open in the Automotive industry and actively promotes careers to new job seekers extending the typical candidate pool available to employers. AUTOLiNK.careers is a dedicated Automotive industry portal.

The automotive EMPLOYERS - the industry leaders who build the future, will finally be able to find the qualified and experienced automotive talent they need. AUTOLiNK.careers will provide the greatest choice of relevant candidates, enabling automotive employers to plan and execute their recruitment efficiently and effective.


How can I find the candidates I need?

AUTOLiNK.careers is all about relevance. Our sole purpose is to connect employers and job seekers in the automotive industry, so they can explore mutually beneficial opportunities.

On AUTOLiNK.careers you can both attract (Post a Job) and hunt (Search Resumes) automotive talent. In addition, we can help you brand your organization as the employer of choice, and send your messages to the right audiences with our highly customizable employer branding solutions.

How do I create a profile?

Simply click on the “EMPLOYER" option at the top right corner of the website homepage, and answer the mandatory questions to complete your registration. Please note that by creating a profile on AUTOLiNK.careers you accept our Terms & Conditions.

How will AUTOLiNK.careers treat my corporate information?

Our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy explain how we treat information we collect when you register on AUTOLiNK.careers.

Job postings are a great way to attract job seekers interested in your brand and your advertised vacancies. Regrettably, in this region job postings quite often provide irrelevant candidates, with unsuitable skills, qualifications and industry experience. Thus, employers waste valuable resources to advertise and search for candidates, usually with very limited success.

AUTOLiNK.careers is all about relevance. It connects employers from the automotive industry with job seekers from the industry. When you advertise on AUTOLiNK.careers you will receive highly relevant applications. This will make your recruitment efforts more efficient and effective, and will lead to greater return on investment.

When you need to react to emergency situations you need to be able to find, contact and hire new staff in no time, to ensure your business operations continue uninterrupted. Find Resumes will give you instant access to our database of automotive talent, and immediately you will be able to find, compare, and contact the professionals you need.

What happens if I need assistance?

Making sure you have a great AUTOLiNK.careers experience is a high priority for us. Once you create your employer account we will assign a dedicated account manager to assist you. Your dedicated account manager will understand your needs and plans, recommend the best possible solutions, train you on how to use the platform effectively and efficiently, and be available for you whenever needed.

How can I manage my recruitment process on AUTOLiNK.careers?

AUTOLiNK.careers provides you with the necessary tools to track and manage your recruitment process. You can create custom folders, save profiles, and add notes to profile to manage your work. Mark profiles as shortlisted, interviewed, hired or rejected, to measure results and performance, and understand your return on investment.

What is the fair use policy?

AUTOLiNK.careers CV Search packages are subject to either a "volume download pack" or a "time-frame pack". All "time frame" packs are subject to our fair use policy of downloads capped as follows: 6 Months - 1000 downloads, 12 months - 2500 downloads. If you exceed this number, your account manager can assist you with additional download credits.